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My name is Warithu. This is my personal blog. I like writing. I like making stories on my own, its like fictions making it real. I was thinking to publish my own book one day.  Feel free to see my Knowledge base page. And feel free to see my other links.

Brief intro, I am from Brunei Darussalam. I use to work at BGC ( Brunei Gas Carrier ) and working as Marine Officer in the rank of 2nd Officer. That’s just a 2 stripe officer for a Merchant navy. I Transport LNG to Japan and Korea. And sometimes see all the strange things at sea. Untill one day I had cancer. This has change my life differently and working best with my family close.

Now I have been working with a Company called Kotug who specialises in Towing! I work on shore now but still my field is Maritime. But of course I am good at it but I am also the best at trading.

I only stop trading recently due to Religious beliefs which contradicts the way of trading. Hence I post the blog on my free time of what I think if I were a trader. May be Traders all over the world will see what they can learn from my vast knowledge in Trading.

One thing I learn that, you just don’t want the world’s wealth. It is useless and pointless. IN this life , the best thing is to do what contributes to the world and the people. Don’t raise your standard of living but raise your standard of giving! Because Nothing last forever. Remember that.

The same with trading, there will be times you face loss which can degrade your morale, morality and mindset. Changes your lifestyles, psychological profile and worst, consume by your very own.

So don’t get too attached with trading. DO something positive in life, cheerful and helpful. Sometimes that remedies your heart to be the greatest man or woman you want to be!.


Haji Warithu

Currency Trader , Author and Speaker

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