Killing Crude Kills My Country Revenue!

Wanted to know where Oil is headed into ? Check out my latest blog on it!


GBPNZD Intraday

Short term trading can also be profitable if you know what you’re looking for. The easiest way is to know where the strongest imbalance occur and from there you know that an institution are actively transacting their account and reflected to the price chart.

See chart below, a supply level from a rally base drop. The drop are sharp and strong. A strong indication of a sell off on that particular price.

2ndly , it has a very good profit margin of more than the risk. So the next time the price revisit that area, it will be a sell off mode.

Will it work ? I don’t know, it may or may not, there is no such thing as an Ideal system nor a 100% sure guaranteed, in trading, it just only require for the other trader to offset the price move.


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2018 and Bitcoin

Whats the hype with BITCOIN ? Here is a chart my broker offered. And I am willing to Buy at those demand level. Currently the price is crashing down exactly where I want it to be and I expect large buying on that demand level. Perhaps this time it goes towards $60000 in price.

See more trade setup at

Here how AUDUSD had perform this year.

Happy New Year ALL and may 2018 be a profitable year !!

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Latest Monthly Charts


Latest monthly charts can be found here

Currently looking closely on AUDUSD

Extended corrective towards the fresh demand.  Lets keep an eye on the price action that tell us it is a good Long opportunities.

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I want to do a Top down analysis on the Aussies. Let me show You how I see it.

First, I would like to see where I am on the bigger overview. I prefer the Monthly Chart.


At this point, I have determine where the likelihood of Supply and Demand. By the looks of it, its heading for a bullish move.

Lets refine that into the weekly.



Notice there are demands and the price recently had bounce of shy on the nearest Demand.

Lets look into the Daily for potential Entry.

This is interesting. A supply with a head and shoulder inverted below it. Conventional technical analysis would indicate a bullish move soon to breakout.

Going into the 4H chart to determine the precise Proximal and Distal specifically. Plan a pending order . Looking below current price, no demand insight and has a potential larger profit margin in this setup.

I will let you all decide the TP and SL. Im sure you can take care of things from here 🙂

A few things I would take to sell this pair.

  1. Conventional Technical shown there will be potential buyers who are willing to buy after a bullish move. ( bull Trap )
  2. I know that the other side of the trade means Buyers are there to accept my sell orders.
  3. I know that Institution and Banks are selling at that supply zone.
  4. There is no fresh demand means least path of resistant in its down move.
  5. Profit margin are large where i can take 1:2 or 1:3 or 1:4
  6. All I need is now the news to push the pair faster towards and away from the supply.

Any thoughts….


Happy Hunting…

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