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Identifying Levels Practices

I am still recieving people having difficulties in identifying demand supply level. As I  mention in my recent ebook, there were criteria that needs to be met.

But there is also another way of identifying it. Though this was an old practice that I utilize when I was learning where price tend to turn.

Here are the settings on your chart typically on Mt4:

Background : Black ( so as to hide the wicks )

Filled candle: either color that identify bull and bear.


Here is the settings template.

Now the next step is Identify

  1. Large candle
  2. Almost vertical move
  3. Profit margin
  4. Make a square and see the wicks are the criteria . If it does, then it is a demand supply level.

Here is an example trade I did today.


Now try to practice that in your Forextester tools or Look back your chart on the end of the left side from its beginning.


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