3 Bearish Pairs ?

Here is the EURUSD, coming to the weekly Supply again, revisit, at the same time USD dollar approaching weekly demand.


ON the 4H swing. I manage to get yesterday Supply turn Demand, Still buying as of current.


Big gap there, Potential large fall on the EURUSD. SO I went to the H1 inside the weekly supply. Put my pending sell there. You all give it a try and find that supply.

AUDUSD MonthlyMy sell on the AUDUSD finally triggered. She is in the Monthly supply. THis could be a long term trade and I will see her again next week.


GBP Kiwi is going for the 4H demand. ALL supply are hit, hence a strong bearish there giving me so many gaps to go to the upside!!!


GBPUSD 4H, not quite sure about this , It was making some sort of a fresh supply but not so clear. Normally I say to my self, Trade what you see……I see it but its unclear . I am taking the risk at a small position with multiple risk. Overall total risk is still small.

SO thats currently my setup before into the final week .



Happy hunting all!!



Day Trade and Swing

Day trading

15 min chart Supply.

1: 2 RR
EURUSD Day trading

EURusd Day trading complete

4H Chart Pending




Reviewing EURUSD

EURDXY weekly

Action pack since Thursday . SO in the end ECB decide to lower their interest rate to 0% to induce growth in the long term. Probably  may take 10 years or so. Here is the chart and reviewing it on the weekly time frame. Against the Weekly of USD dollar index.

2nd Visit ? Likely . But you look at the USD dollar index, Potentially the dollar will rebound again with positive strength against the Euro. Could be another bearish for the Euro again untill the next 2-3 weeks.

Trade the flip levels.!!

4H flip

Never give up, if you ever got stop out there is always the flip level to take it back.

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Fresh vs Unfresh video

Determining fresh and unfresh levels.


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Setup setup charts

FOR YOUR REFERENCE AND PLANNING…if you like, choose which one do you think benefit your trading…

gbnzd 4h gbpjpy 4h gpjpy 4h usdcad 4h usdjpy 4h


Enjoy your day…..

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