Quantifying Demand and Supply

There has been traders out there wondering still how to draw up the demand and supply zones and level. I thought I did show this in my previous blog or has been posted somewhere, apparently still there are confusion on how to draw it.

Keep it simple with Distal and proximital line either you want to include the wick or not is up to you base on your experience of backtest or trading in quantifying levels of demand and supply.

Step 1. Find the largest imbalance , where significant enough for the price to move away from that equilibrium.

XAUUSD sample Imbalance

Notice the almost vertical move. with at least between 2-6 candles period. That is a quality move.

STEP 2. Notice on the origin of that move. the Candle making LH. Telling us buyers started from that move indicating us no Sellers on the other side of that trade hence making it that way.

sample 2

STEP 3 . Shade the area and marked the distal and proximal line for Entry and SL.

In addition, if you have the odd enhancer, utilize that to determine high quality entries.

Its that simple really. Try that on your back test or demo or even real account. Simplest way is to look back on on chart and look back year or days or months before that.



AUD Futures

AUDFx futures.

4H chart, swing by .

Expecting for a bullish move soon on this pair.

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EURFX Demand and Supply

Morning all. Here is a sneak peak soon to be traded perhaps this week. Eur against the Dollar.

Massive sell pending above current price on the EURfx. WIll update later…

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EURFX Futures Vs Dollar Index

Morning and afternoon all. As per Last week post on the potential Eurfx trade. Here is the trade today.

There trade went as planned. Eur hits supply, whilst Dollar index hits demand. My trade only last for the day, so I set my TP just not far away.

Again and again, Orderflow, imbalance , Demand and supply are keys movers in any market or price.

Hope you all did manage to get in the trade on this..


I have adjusted my TP due to the fact that there was an overwhelming orderflow trying to out buy my sell.

If this price not changing on the next 30 min after the hour, Im closing it for a minimal loss.

The hour came I decided to close it at break even and reverse my trading to Buy.

and trade close for a quick profit. My entry create the imbalance as well. Buyers exceeding sellers, see circled below.


Happy Hunting


Overview for Next Week EURFX

Most probably an interesting Monday next week. I see here is a great setup for the EURFX futures. Correlation with the Dollar index.

Dollar approaching demand, where Eur approaching supply.

Happy weekend