I want to do a Top down analysis on the Aussies. Let me show You how I see it.

First, I would like to see where I am on the bigger overview. I prefer the Monthly Chart.


At this point, I have determine where the likelihood of Supply and Demand. By the looks of it, its heading for a bullish move.

Lets refine that into the weekly.



Notice there are demands and the price recently had bounce of shy on the nearest Demand.

Lets look into the Daily for potential Entry.

This is interesting. A supply with a head and shoulder inverted below it. Conventional technical analysis would indicate a bullish move soon to breakout.

Going into the 4H chart to determine the precise Proximal and Distal specifically. Plan a pending order . Looking below current price, no demand insight and has a potential larger profit margin in this setup.

I will let you all decide the TP and SL. Im sure you can take care of things from here 🙂

A few things I would take to sell this pair.

  1. Conventional Technical shown there will be potential buyers who are willing to buy after a bullish move. ( bull Trap )
  2. I know that the other side of the trade means Buyers are there to accept my sell orders.
  3. I know that Institution and Banks are selling at that supply zone.
  4. There is no fresh demand means least path of resistant in its down move.
  5. Profit margin are large where i can take 1:2 or 1:3 or 1:4
  6. All I need is now the news to push the pair faster towards and away from the supply.

Any thoughts….


Happy Hunting…

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The Best Trade ever!

This month alone , I surpass a 3 or 6 months performance or a year’s performance! This is the best trade I ever make in my entire trading experience.

I mean look at this…

700% … speechless… The rest of the month are  just being less trading..I think I trade more this month and focusing it 100% .

Here is the journey of this Trading account…

Started this new account in Feb 2016. Initially, I was doing well… the usual demand supply trade… Then I get very cocky, knowing that I had the experience and didn’t care less about the risk. Poisonous! It was a quick one then decided to use larger position size.

Boom!… back to 0 . Then I didn’t trade for a while.. I trade like randomly and not seldom. Slowly gaining, at times it got loss. 2nd time….then the 3rd time…0. Where is the demand on this huh ?

of course after the 3rd 0, I decided, lets try to focus this slowly and gain momentum and hence, it grew starting this year…and till this month…I was like Bit coin!!!

Now what you normally do when over achieving is to forget what did you achieve so far. These are the times you tend to get greedy, overly confident, Risk free ( irresponsible trading ) and of course dreaming!

It is also the best time to self reflect and what should be avoided. Best remedy, to rest and enjoy. Don’t trade, reset that computer of yours… so you are fresh again to re analyse what is going on and re engage!

Here are the link to today’s Trade.  

Be in control! Then the world of financial is yours….to take.

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Long Term Charts

Please find Below Long Term Charts for your reference and Planning.

To Simplify



Other Pairs that might Interest you…

Self Explanatory charts to whom are familiar with Demand and Supply…


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Robot Vs Discretionary

Good day ALL

I assume you all have been trading wildly .. I think it all contributes this week volatility! Thank you… and of course, traders who are part of the 95% group who are constantly losing, sorry pal… You just need to learn more…

Today, I just feel like watching, and I was looking into my experimental account which I utilised a robot, I bought from Rob Booker, called ‘ The FInch’. Though , it does have a good trading concept but still, it is base on indicators and calculative numbers.

I did backtest it a couple of time before I introduce it into the real market. Initially, the robot does it well. Which is an adaptation to the current market at that time. But market changes, as do Human… The Market is a reflection of Human mentality, and behaviour. A robot cannot compute changes.


Hence below, a chart I made in my experimental account.

Graphic Returns

I have started the robot in April after numerous test. Initially it went well. But over time, it just stays constantly. Losing and winning. Until One of the trade goes hay wire… Somewhere in August , I decided. Thats it, 3 months and this is what we can accomplished ?

So from september on wards until this month , I trade discretionary , which means I am in control. I switched off my robot and remove it. Notice the over exponential graph!

That is my self trading!! Big difference. It took me a month just to make my deposit a 100% return. Beyond any fund manager capable of doing.

The robot simply fail to impress me. But make no mistake, I am experienced well trained trader , I know what i can do with any of my trade. I adapt situation arises during trading which a robot can’t.

Still I prefer to trade manually, it gives me better in tune of current moment of the market.

Balance Return

The balance from $100 to $200 in a month.

I did a couple experiment on my personal account as well. I manage to grow a $100 account balance into $1.4K  in 1.5 months. May be too fast, so I think I should rest till I grow it again. This account is used for scalping any pair using supply and demand. But still I want to achieve in a month more than 300% return. Once I succeed this, I will prove the world that the myth about leverage are bogus!

Very ambitiuos… I know that Retail broker will notice this..and I must avoid over trading as well. That is the opportunity for them to kill us all over again. Win big rest a while, win small consistently.

You can also read the rest of my blog at Blog


More trade setup at


EURUSD intraday setup turns into over the weekend! DOn’t know what’s going to happen next now. But it bounce off the demand level in the H1 time frame.