Major Pairs

Been too busy lately with my day job, here are potential setup that might take your attention for next week event.

USDJPY has been visiting her Weekly demand. Hence she might go for a bullish move for the next couple of weeks.

USDJPY weekly

Looking at the context of USDJPY, it is now probably commencing for a bull run again and probably a more stronger dollar will help that bullish move.


USDCHF, Daily demand inside has a H4 demand. Higher probability to buy also for next week.  IM looking into buying this pair if it ever retrace for a buy.

GOLD  fresh supply formed this week. Likelihood being visit could be sooner.

Gold 4H

Yen Pairs

Yen Pairs

audjpy weekly cadjpy monthly EURJPY h4 eurjpy weekly

Yen Pairs are setting up some good trade setups.


GBPNZD approaching key levels.


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5 thoughts on “Major Pairs

  1. gris says:

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  2. rangsee says:

    I total agree with you that you do whatever make you happy. A new day job that give a new purpose in life would be great it doesn’t have to be trading. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your new day job Haji?

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