3 Bearish Pairs ?

Here is the EURUSD, coming to the weekly Supply again, revisit, at the same time USD dollar approaching weekly demand.


ON the 4H swing. I manage to get yesterday Supply turn Demand, Still buying as of current.


Big gap there, Potential large fall on the EURUSD. SO I went to the H1 inside the weekly supply. Put my pending sell there. You all give it a try and find that supply.

AUDUSD MonthlyMy sell on the AUDUSD finally triggered. She is in the Monthly supply. THis could be a long term trade and I will see her again next week.


GBP Kiwi is going for the 4H demand. ALL supply are hit, hence a strong bearish there giving me so many gaps to go to the upside!!!


GBPUSD 4H, not quite sure about this , It was making some sort of a fresh supply but not so clear. Normally I say to my self, Trade what you see……I see it but its unclear . I am taking the risk at a small position with multiple risk. Overall total risk is still small.

SO thats currently my setup before into the final week .



Happy hunting all!!



One thought on “3 Bearish Pairs ?

  1. rangsee says:

    Hi Haji, hope you doing well. I just got back from the break and have so much to catch up. Happy profiting..

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