Reviewing EURUSD

EURDXY weekly

Action pack since Thursday . SO in the end ECB decide to lower their interest rate to 0% to induce growth in the long term. Probably  may take 10 years or so. Here is the chart and reviewing it on the weekly time frame. Against the Weekly of USD dollar index.

2nd Visit ? Likely . But you look at the USD dollar index, Potentially the dollar will rebound again with positive strength against the Euro. Could be another bearish for the Euro again untill the next 2-3 weeks.

Trade the flip levels.!!

4H flip

Never give up, if you ever got stop out there is always the flip level to take it back.

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2 thoughts on “Reviewing EURUSD

  1. rangsee says:

    I was so bearish on euro and must be many others too, this is when they like to stop a bunch of people out at once with a +300 pips moved up. Glad i was flat into Draghi press after took some short profit.

  2. rangsee says:

    It seems like when price makes everyone think it will go one way, that’s when it moves the other way and stop everyone out. I believe this is how the big banks make money. Have a good weekend to you and your families Haji.

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