EURUSD Vs DXY – ICE Futures Dollar Index

I think most of you have sought on using this in the past as a correlation confirmation for your supply and demand entry. You in fact, as it helps you track the US news and Euro news to time your entry.

Look at the chart below . This is a 30 min chart. Short term day trading setup.

EURUSD DXY corelation


Notice how they exactly do the opposite levels. FYI , this can be as your reference in a larger time frame levels so you know you are right!

I feel guilty of canceling my EURUSD 4h pending orders. After it misses twice, I gave up and cancel it, and after a few hours, price manage to get back in and trade as per my setup. How furious you feel to miss that! But to think on the positive side.:

  1. I know that my set up was actually great
  2. I have like 5 or more pairs pending orders set at each respective level. WHy bother….

Hope you have found a lot of setup that had purchase my ebook and manage to find plenty setup across ALL PAIRS .

Happy hunting.

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2 thoughts on “EURUSD Vs DXY – ICE Futures Dollar Index

  1. Rabbi Ahmed says:

    Hi Haji, I know I have purchased your ebook a I was also a part of your fxgroupee site before it closed down. How can I get your 2nd ebook? Regards, Rabbia

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