Day Trade EURUSD

Good day All , Hope everyone had a good trade last week. But today Im just going to share one of my day trade with the EURUSD.

See chart below. Fresh supply formed on the 15 min chart just right after European market open. So I put a pending order and it got filled and on its way towards the TP.

EURUSD day trade

The likes of good respond to the supply area is what I like to see a trade to go its way through. I dont need to tell you the outcome of this. IM sure you know it will hit its way definitely.

Because if you look on a 5 minute chart, there is no other demand available fresh enough to held against it.



2 thoughts on “Day Trade EURUSD

  1. rangsee says:

    Good day Haji, from what i’ve learnt so far I couldn’t figure out why you chose that zone as a supply level. If i were to pick it this supply my entry would be 1.0965 and sl would be 1.0975 +5pips buffer. please see pic.

    • Haji says:

      Good question. Base on practice and live trades, looking at charts like more than 10,000 times, there are times setup like that worked. remember nothing is 100%. Hope that satisfy your queries.

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