New additional Setup

NFP today. I expect stronger data coming out. Price seems ready to relaunch as most of them are pulling some sort of volatility energy. Looking at the dollar index coming close to its DEMAND, for sure that is a sign of a strong data later on.

SO I am anticipating for any Supply on the EURUSD. I have set a pending order there 1.10469 on a 4H chart. I ‘m sure you can figure out the SL and TP in accordance to your Money and Trade management. FYI, I don’t see any fresh demand below that price, so any stronger data will definitely shoots it further down.

See below the rest of the chart That I have setup.


3rd Visit on the USDJPY ?


CADJPY , could be good.


Here is my latest Video post. I shouldn’t have use team viewwer. But will make a better one soon.

I think the rest, you just click and do what you think you do best.


Happy hunting!!

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10 thoughts on “New additional Setup

  1. Takuji Keira says:

    Hi Haji!

    Just for future use,tell me about this GBPUSD set up.
    What do you think about the gap around 1.431ish?

    Thanks Takuji

  2. Takuji Keira says:

    Yap.Thank you for your quick reply!

    Gorgeous weather in Tokyo.Spring has come♪

  3. rangsee says:

    Thank you for the video. Haji, the sound in the video is very difficult to hear it would be great help if you fix it for future video. Best health to you.

  4. Claudiuschan says:

    thabks for your video, it is very informational. It still show me me new understanding of S/D.

  5. rangsee says:

    I took the GBPUSD in this setup and it worked out though I didn’t hold it very long. I exited at 1.4200 for +70pips and I am very great full. Kudo to you Haji. 🙂

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