Current Chart setup

Here are current setup as of yesterday. I miss the EURJPY so that one is cancelled. But I manage to put in USDJPY.

IT open while I was asleep of course. Looking at this morning its almost reaching the Profit target.

NFP week this week, I am looking across all currency pair for a great potential setup.

Keep an eye for one !!

eurjpy 4h usdjpy 4h

And here currently USDJPY

usdjpy 4h almost close

Classic 1: 2 RR. 90+ pip risk of 40+ pip. on a 4h chart.

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2 thoughts on “Current Chart setup

  1. quicksand84 says:

    hii haji, im just curious about the thought process on buy limit that you set up on usdjpy,
    apart from the odd enhancers, do you put the pending order after the higher high has been breached,thus confirming short term uptrend on h4?
    do you take old resistance(113.13) as one of the factor that make you put the pending order?

    • Haji says:

      Well The only thought I see on the chart was 1. It creates a profit margin. 2. I just put the pending order base on 1: 2 RR. 3. I look into the smaller time frame for any pockets of supply that could hinder the movement of price going towards my profit target.
      And no, I didnt take the old resistance into a factor. Just looking at it at the present of the moment. nothing else too technical.

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