EURUSD 4h Swing and Day Trading on M15

Euro must have plenty bills… perhaps. Still overall on a bearish tone. My previous trade on it still floating. Within the smaller time frame , have been noticing a lot imbalance supply and demand. Noticeably order flow has been on and off.

Here is a day trade and swing setup.

eurusd m15 day trading

eurusd swing 4h

Catch some potential 12 pips and a 40 pip. Has everyone seen what I’ve seen after reading those 2nd Edition book ? 🙂 I hope you do now!


Happy Hunting…

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2 thoughts on “EURUSD 4h Swing and Day Trading on M15

  1. brufycd says:


    Do you accept teaching FOREX? How much do you charge?

    • Haji says:

      Not anymore. A lot of reason. one of them is TIME. I dont have the time. Secondly after I teach, a few individuals amongst the Bruneian community then regard themselves some master guru. Apparently this has occurred before and has tarnished my good name when they themselves fail. I only show to people who are actually sincerely, honestly willing to learn in a good hard way. Most and majority learn half way and this is where the terminology says ‘hot hot chicken dung’ . Im sorry to say, Im not willing to teach.

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