My New 2nd Edition Ebook is out!!

Thank you for all your patient. The new 2nd edition ebook is out. It is better and much more easier to understand. Especially the ‘How to ‘ identify demand and supply.

Feel free to purchase it for Only $20 usd.

ebook cover


15 thoughts on “My New 2nd Edition Ebook is out!!

  1. quicksand84 says:

    Hi haji, i have the first version of the ebook, how can we update to the new ebook version?

    • Haji says:

      who ever had purchase the first edition, will get the the 2nd edition free. produce your receipt on your first purchase then I will send it to you the new ebook.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Haji
    If I buy first edition, would I get both editions?

  3. fxandstocks says:

    Hi Haji,

    I bought the first edition yesterday and sent you an email to provide second edition. I havent heard back from you.

    Could you provide me the second edition please ?


  4. Hazimin says:

    Salam Haji Warithu, I bought the 2nd edition few days ago, I didn’t know I could get the 2nd edition for free if I buy the first one, is it ok if I send you another 10USD to get the first edition?

    • Hazimin says:

      i mean 15usd

      • Haji says:


        Thank you for your Interest in learning Demand and supply. BUT it only applies IF you bought the first edition you get the 2nd edition for free. IN this case you are not entitled one 🙂 sorry . But I can assure you, the 2nd edition is worth your time and effort to try it out and learn about it in quicker way.

    • Chin says:

      Hi Hazimin,

      Pls email me at [Fx Evangelist at]
      Remove [], no spaces, at replace with @.

      TQ 🙂

  5. alien says:

    This Book is short but packed with solid information. You need to read it many times and practice back testing to get it full potential.

    Thanks Haji.

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