Once in a year Trade ?

Trading a daily chart or a weekly chart will take you only trade once in a year or even after 2 or 3 years you trade. Of course the reward will be enormous, so does the risk. But definitely a long term one. You will be able to anticipate trend change.

Long term

Looking into the EURUSD chart. Daily chart and weekly chart align in the same supply. Chances of Euro going its final bullish move before crashing down again.

Is everyone on the same page as I do ?


PS – My New version ebook is almost done! It is more simplified, better to understand and easier to learn and grasp. IT is a simple lay man’s term! IT will be out very soon. Will sell it for only $ 20 USD.

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8 thoughts on “Once in a year Trade ?

  1. Chan says:

    Can old E book customer get discount ?

  2. Hafiz says:

    salam haji.. about the new version of your ebook, will it be free for previous version buyers?

  3. when is the ebook available? will we be notified?

  4. Chin says:

    How about FxGroupEE members?
    Got the 1st edition there and followed updated info in pages but now the site is gone! 😥

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