Potential EURUSD Day Trade

I was looking into my old Forextester and was playing around it. Even after those years of trading, I still have the skill set to do it. Then why don’t I just post for fun. SO I open up my old trading platform and post this chart below. A 1 hour EURUSD chart. Potential day trade.



BY the way, my old ebook is up and running . it is selling now. Just follow this link. I couldn’t post the widget on to this free wordpress. It seems it has some sort of protection that everytime I paste an HTMl code, it just removes it.



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5 thoughts on “Potential EURUSD Day Trade

  1. FX says:

    Hi Haji,


    Will there be an updated version of your ebook, as mentioned in the previous post?
    and any chance Fxgroupee website back to live?


  2. Larry says:

    Hello Haji, Kindly please save a copy of your ebook for me. I want have one but my paypal account is still on verification process. I hope I could have the ebook once my paypal account is okay next week.

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