Just for Fun : Short Term PAIRS

FYi , this is not an advice or a trading tip. But merely information disseminating for knowledgeable purpose. Seek a financial adviser where appropriate.

See attach charts


By the way, that’s a demo account. IT’s not a real money trading. I am forbidden to trade as it is not in accordance to sharia.

I am just showing the how to and why.

Reason that is a demand level:

  1. Large breakout = strong imbalance.
  2. Profit margin twice the size risk = strong chance of rewarding.
  3. Period short = imbalance
  4. Larger time Frame demand on the 15 min.
  5. If occur exactly during NY session
  6. Least path resistance for it move up
  7. Fresh demand

You could go for 10 pips. Or 1:2 RR. Either way have a chance to reward your self. If it is a loss, which it may, you will o nly loss 5-6 pip risk only.

Happy hunting


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2 thoughts on “Just for Fun : Short Term PAIRS

  1. alien says:

    Hi Haji, This is Alien from your Skypt chatroom. It must be hard for you to stop trading to follow sharia, but you did for the best so I wish you well and happy. I want to ask, if you ever consider writing a blog or autobiography of how you have made it. I mean did you use scalping, swing or combination of both to catapult your account to 7 figures. As for me I believe that scalping with a good win rate will compound gain to that account size in a couple of years. Please shed light on how you did it. If you prefered I can give you my email address too. Many thanks Haji. 🙂

  2. AA says:

    Have you consider doing trade call? Educator and not a trader, hope this won’t go against sharia law.

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