Week 4 Of April Strategy 10

Hope everyone did manage to get the 10 pip per week. It does sound easy, the question is how patient are you and how content and not greedy are you. How can you consistently maintain those mindset. Takes a lot of less noise inside your head to able to control of not being trigger happy or too emotionally volatile with the ‘ feeling the moment ‘ instead of overall view what is logic.

IN any time frame, you will see price are always at times imbalance as they are large number of traders out there mixing and matching this order . The one who are in favor are in fact at the large number of orders on their side.

Picking at the right time and place. Some use tools to help them decide in fact just looking at the price is enough to tell us where the imbalance occur. See below a 5 minutes chart, providing a 6 pip risk for a 12 pip reward.

Enough in achieving those 10 pips.

EUrusd M5

All you need is now a plan and when the trade does got filled, are you willing to lose your money on those 6 pip SL ? Are you willing to say that you might be wrong which cost the mistake 6 pip loss to the amount of position you put ?

These the question you ask your self. never think that every trade would come to fruit hence that is why where money management in place so you can consistently maintain a Nett positive over the long run!

Hope you trade well out there.. Good luck!



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