Week 3 Strategy 10

We are now in week 3. Hope everyone did well consistently… or Not . It’s just a matter of practice and practice. Just like martial artist, to be the expert, constant practice and consistent moves is all about hard work.

Today I have seen a good set up. It may not look like as you expect in the 15 min but an obvious H1 time frame chart. So in the 15 min it may look ugly.


Plenty room for it to go up and beyond. BUt remember, Our target is 10 pip per week. Again I had this more than 10 pip. The Risk was 15 pip hence my target was 30 pip. So more like a 3 week job done ahead.

That is why you set and plan a realistic goal. Not something you feel that you will earn it. Patience is key here as well when the right time to look at it.

IN truth, All I look was for not more than 10 minutes at the chart and set my trade and leave it.

Have a nice week!

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