Week 2 April for Strategy 10

Hope everyone manage to get last week 10 pip. Now for this week We have 1 Good trade setup. It is part of a strategy 10 or even more. It is base on a 4H cHart but the Supple level also available in a smaller time frame, M30 to M15.

SO the Idea behind this Opportunity is to get the 10 pip per week. But if you manage to pull 40 pip , that covers for the rest of the month!! And a nice 2 weeks off from trading giving you balance in your mindset and fresh start for next month 10 pip.

Underlying plan to capture the 4H trade swing for a 10 pip increments.

Now it is down to how you manage your money and risk. How and when you move your stoploss is how you are being content with your profit of course. Now this is crucial in your trading decision, because of this you can be greedy and loss everything or just content with 10 pip or 40 pip.


Let see what we can get out of it today. Or this week! I recall Draghi is going to talk. He might be Dovish!

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