Week 1 S10 Trades

Monday. Not much news but During the NY session, the price wanted to Fly way up. ON the 15 minute chart , a noticeable small Up trend Demand. We did miss the earliest opportunity but there is one fresh demand left for us to get hold of for just only 10 pip this week.


Between those GMT time, is a fresh demand. SO Im setting it  for a 1:2 RR since the risk is only 5 pip hence Reward 10 pip.

I had to look for the 5 minute chart as well in case there is any obstacle for it to go towards the demand and back up towards our target.


Yellow Support Resistant Test. Definitely its going to head fast if the arrival was to hit demand. IF the arrival is too slow. I just cancel the trade as it is not an ideal arrival.

Part of the demand supply criteria is Strong arrival and strong departure. If this is  not happening than its not happening with the trade as well.

What next ? Just leave and check it tomorrow during asian session. Remember, we only need 10 pip per week. Which is achievable!


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