NY session

Since it is friday, and what ever happens here, I am taking this only for the short term trade. Risking 35 pips for 70 pip. A typical 1:2 RR. Quite volatile a bit on the NY session , printing fresh supply just after NY session open.

May be this time we get filled for once. It seems a lot of opportunity I missed this week was being front run all the time.

EURUSD on the H1 time frame.


That top supply, I think I might as well remove it. It just never got filled at all. We are still a long way to go down towards demand.

While waiting. A lot of people have been asking my ebook and Fxgroupee website. For sure this is the reason:

1. The ebook will be revised so it can tally the content teachings I have on Fxgroupee.com course notes.

2. I have a lot of issue with my Hosting provider for Fxgroupee that I want to transfer it to another better hosting provider. They have cause a lot of issue.

Will update on the new ebook soon with new content and probably better explanation on how to identify.Because I think these are key areas people commonly ask and were fail at.

Will help you on that with 1 condition. I will elaborate in the near future 🙂

Have a great weekend

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One thought on “NY session

  1. claudiuschan says:

    hi Haji,
    good to see you back again… wish to have your website fxgroupee.com up soon.! gonna miss your training materials.

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