Earning For Grocery Shopping

This week has potentially shown a lot of Opportunities since Monday. And most of my Trade never did got filled up. Which already proves that we are right and we are trading smart Money. But be careful not to chase them. If you miss it out let it go. Don’t be too obsessed about it, because this leads to a habit and habit dies hard!

When it does, that is going to be your downfall in your trading career. Thus result in Overtrading, over leveraging and over margin call! Then the cycle continues. Blaming the system does not work, finding another new system , or try to think a way to make quick buck, in the end a road to failure.

But if he learns that mistake, which is a valuable lesson, he will remember it, and won’t chase it again. So he/she learns to feel content and patient. Let the trade come to you not chase and find the trade. That is a fact, and it teaches you to know about your self more and teach you patience and content.

Mistake are there for you to learn it but not to blame it. IF you cannot or unable to accept failure, then you have an ego problem and you really really have a problem of your own self.

Learn to train your self to let go, because all in life are meant to be.

Lets digress and look into what possibilities can we achieve on EURUSD.


Here is a chart moments while I was writing. I set up a sell limit order at the supply on the 5 minute chart. Guess what happen, it turn even earlier.

How long Will I let this pending order be there. Depends on the price action for the next 5 – 6 hours or so. I will only decide may be during the asian session. May be. If nothing happen tonight at my time, Then I will leave this be and cancel it.

Just a brain teaser, Here is a monthly chart. Be aware, anything can be possible.


Good luck!!


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