Asian Intradays ?

Strange it is but it seems Asian banks are selling. Since I am not fond of Asian session, We’ll just put a pending order and leave it. If it happens , happen and get our reward, if it does’nt , does not really matter at all.

Risking 12 pip for 24 pip. 1:2 . This supply is not much I could sf but simply a Trend following supply. OR Also known as Drop base Drop.


The Nice thing about the pending order is, it is at the 75 mark. Let see what London Traders or Institution be thinking later on.

If I were to hold this trade, If I see the 5 min or 1 min chart has taken out m ost of the demand on its way up.

Happy hunting everyone. !!

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2 thoughts on “Asian Intradays ?

  1. the sellers are rushing in before your entry.. but nice hunting though.. keep it up..

    • Haji says:

      Yes It did. It was by mere 0.5 pip before it starts turning and drop 100 pip more. Front running. That occur ALWAYS.

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