Preying on H1 Yesterday

Yesterday trade went well when We start buying at the 30 min chart demand. Now leaves with the 1 Hour chart. Will we get  it today ? I dont know. But if people are buying, could this be a short term positive on the EURO coincide with the Grexit dilema ? Or Buying into selling for March QE where there will be supplies of money on the Euro. Or could this be just simply where Demand and supply Co exist with the current event.


Strong approach.  Most supply in the smaller time frame are visited. WE might go for the Daily chart supply at 1.1762 which is 400 pips away from the current price. The only thing that can move it is big event like the coming news of the outcome on Grexit!


I have it ready just in case those news do happen. It could happen next week or never at all. Just in case…just in case.

Another good surprise is when a demand out bid on the 3rd touch and becomes supply!


We’ll see what happens next today!

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