Adaptation to Market Changes

Performing such feat requires accurate Price action reading in the smaller time frame. Hence the earlier setup on the demand into supply, I have re adjust the position and SL so as to minimise the risk and take full advantage the reward.

See chart on the 5 minute below.


Clearly no supply or even fresh one left for the next buy leg on the H1.

So now clearly we have 1. Least path resistance 2. Strong arrival 3. Buying into sellers.

My sell currently selling at a RR 1: 4 risking 5 pip for 20 pip reward.


2 thoughts on “Adaptation to Market Changes

  1. hirehasan says:

    I didn’t get to take advantage of that smaller supply zone. Didn’t see it til it was too late. Nice work warithu! 👌

    • Haji says:

      Apparently the long didnt work out as it was stop out by 4 pip. This raise the question using the 5 pip buffer on SL on retail trading charts.

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