The 4H trade

Greetings all. For all the Chinese out there. Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Happy year of the Goat. Hope this year brings you all prosperous times.  Lets get back to reality . Another week pass by for the EURUSD . Larger time frame seems to be still consolidating and may be stalling this month for a bearish move in March. SO watch out for any fresh supply.

I have a 4H chart . Notice 2 levels , 1 is a Demand, the other is a supply. Which ever goes first. But I have a precondition. If the Supply hit first, I am removing the BUY order at the demand. But if the demand hit first, I will let both get hit and hit their target.


In fact this is a prime example of a swing trade type. I know some traders out there prefer swing where they only trade at least once a week. OR once every 2 week depending if there is obvious setup. Because this is a retail chart, it might not show it, but if this was an institutional chart, definitely we seem them almost most of the time.

Wish everyoone the best of luck and let the BEST trader WIN!

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