Intradays again

Another good week, I hope everyone also had one. For those who isn’t, dont quit and try again..and again.. It may be your greatest challenge in Trading, and you will in time feel demotivated, demoralise, losing hope , thinking you are not a good trader at all, not consistent.

You just need to reflect what you did wrong of yourself, not your system at all. Are you really managing your risk well and a skillful money management in place ? That answer lies to your self only and not by me or any guru out there.


Saw a supply was establishing on the Hourly just after London Open. Another clear day that money has put it on the table to collect. The usual stuff , putting my limit sell orders and bam! the next day hit my target.

Price still consolidating at this stage, probably won’t see much any move left for this week. But will see what we have till friday.

Happy hunting and good luck out there! Survival is not an Option!


3 thoughts on “Intradays again

  1. josh7010 says:

    I am just curious how to use the sell limit n buy limit like u are using.

    What is the Brunei time for London Opening time.


    • Haji says:

      Hi Josh

      If put your mouse on the chart right click, you should can see it. Or if you are talking about the trade history, there is a script for it as well or you can drag it from the history tab of your previous trade into the chart and it will mark the history trade you made. Brunei time for London open is currently 5 pm due to the winter solstice, but once that’s over, it will be 4 pm.

      Hope that answers your curiousity.

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