NFP Days

Result positively above expectation. Looks like the price turn not reaching my supply. With the positive NFP means strong for the dollar. I will be looking back into supply instead to get a few pip ride from the post NFP.

Looking into the m5 manage to find one.

eurusd_m5I sold 2 trades on this. Initially a small 0.1 % and the 2nd a 1% size. Base on the Price action and smaller time frame supply.

Saturday Bad news add to the fuel about Ukraine, So I guess the opening MOnday will result it somewhat gap down. Well see what happen and the result on Monday!

Normally I dont hold trade over the weekend. Since the risk here is pretty small, I m not bother what will happen to the trade. But If I am right about the supply and post NFP, it should be back on the bearish.

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