Timing Your Trade

IT is not a matter of picking when to enter and when to exit. It is a matter of knowing where the imbalance occur. Where most likely heavy loads of orderflow showing on the price chart. AS I mention before in my previous blog, they cannot hide this , it will reflect on the chart. It is a matter of your eye being trained when to take it.

Today at the time of writing, I am currently shorting the EURUSD base on a short term trade only. SO my time frame was on the m15. Obviously I can see clearly the opening of London, they were shorting EURO. See attached chart below.

EURUSD short term Intraday

Can you see that how it is planned. STOPLOSS and Take Profit. Merely a 1:2 RR only I am doing for short term. Risking 13 pips for a 26 pip reward. Why I took it early ? because there is room for it to go down as I don’t see any significant demand below.

I apologize for the chart, since I am working on a different computer and it does not have any of my trading platform on it. But I enter my trade via my Mobile phone. I will add the actual trade chart later once I access my computer at home. But see chart below. IT went through and reach my target!

EURUSD short term intraday close

Ain’t that obvious. I knew it was going to happen that way anyway. BUt again from time to time. Price move from the point of imbalance away from it. A strong rejection means a strong imbalance and a large volume. Trade like a bank, and definitely you are on the right side of the market all the time. Trade like a novice trader, then I am sorry tosay, I will jsut keep on taking your free money of your account. simple as that!


Happy Hunting!!

As Promised, below Traded chart.



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