Forex Trading : Not for ‘just starters’

I know every one is wondering where is Haji, how is it been and what happen ? Well apparently I have a job now and my sole responsibility now lies in the Company I run. Even If I did Trade part time this is what happen below:

EURUSD short term Trading

EURUSD short term Trading


I had put a pending order of buying the Euro for a short term trade into the trend. I notice last Friday after the NY session open , Large institutional orderflow was obvious and I marked where the Demand exceeding supply is. And by looking at the chart history trade as well, The price went into the demand and cannot maintain a stable equilibrium. WHY because I know that the area is where the imbalance occur. WHen an imbalance occur, that is where price turn. It turn so sharply that the orderflow of last friday was not fully filled. And today that completes it and the way it shoots.

Even though I was not trading anymore for the past 3 – 4 months , I still have those 2nd nature skill. I know that Trading was my life blood but I stopped for a reason only my self would see and understand what I had known.

Making money in the Market is easy if you know what you are looking for. If  you know how much risk you are taking ( in this case it was a 1: 2 RR ) . If you know who is on the other side of the market. If you know who you are when you trade. If you know where Demand and supply is in any market.


ALWAYS Seize an Opportunity when it Present it self.


10 thoughts on “Forex Trading : Not for ‘just starters’

  1. snebuca says:

    Hi Haji,

    Excellent trade. You certainly have been missed! Will you be posting more regularly again? Have you stopped enjoying trading? Does going back to your old line of work make your life more fulfilling?

  2. chan says:

    good to hear from you haji 🙂

  3. Trader Ala Kampung says:

    Wellcome back to traders world bro Hj Wari

  4. Knight says:

    Haji, would appreciate if you can share what was the ‘turning point’ that made you decide to find work instead of just living off trading, i guess you cud have easily gone off living thru fx trading… would like to hear more from you.. i know this sounds more like a personal question, but appreciate you to share if possible.. thanks!

    • Haji says:

      Hi mr Knight

      It is a long story. BUt to make it short, It is something made me realise that Trading was not for me personally and religiously. After knowing all the facts of Trading, was not meant for the religion I practice. I am very strong in my beliefs that it has conflicting issue with trading. Hence I went back to the day to day Job, 8-5. The whole process of trading it self is just not meant for what I believe in. Believe me, I just don’t know what this knowledge I possess meant to be. BUt in the end I just blog about it and take a snapshot of the Market chart and I guess teach People what I see.
      In Islam, RIBA transaction ( USURY ) is a sin . This Forbid me to continue for the years what I have done. Hence I will only trade as If I am trading , but in fact I am not but only to show and blog what people can read and benefit the knowledge I have.

      • Knight says:

        Hi Hj,

        Thanks for sharing. I have the same ‘plan’ to trade for living but ultimately would not know if it will be a good choice, thus my curiosity to know what made u do the ‘u-turn’.
        Although im sure many wud be sayin that its a ‘waste’ of talent, but all respect to you and ur religious beliefs.
        Would you be still offering coaching to know more of your system? i’m interested indeed. and your e-book that was in previous posts. Is that still available to buy/share?
        I hope your’re coping well now that your’re back to the 8-5 work… after years of quitting i reckon.
        What broker / platform did you use for trading? or perhaps recommend now?
        Are you still using this email “h.warithu(at)”?

  5. don says:

    hello is your trade room still open i want to be in it

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