Day Trading Average Opportunity

Good day all. I have been pretty much busy these days so I have not blog much. But I want to share something about my day trading system using demand and supply trading on the H1 or M30 time frame.

On average I can only trade 3 trades in a week on EURUSD pair ONLY that I know of. It may vary on other pairs like GBPUSD or any other pairs.

Meaning IN a single week, I can find 3 day trading opportunity on EURUSD from Monday to Friday. The reason I know this is that I can use a goal target for the week with 3 trades per week.

For day trading has a higher probability with using 1: 2 RR with 82% average winning. IF you compare that with the risk of ruin , the math is in your favour with good short term income and also long term wealth.

More details are available in my Fxgroupee day trading system articles. Below are a couple of charts that can show you how easy it is trading Demand and supply and so simple it is.

Day_trading 2014-06-13_1831 2014-06-13_1833

Notice that ?!  It’s obvious that institution or banks trade it routinely as it is part of their job. And to skillfully able to identify this limitless opportunity, how can you not let this gone by?

Even if you do this part time, you can see this during London and NY open.

Hope that helps you open your eyes more that money on the table is in front of you. It is a matter of understanding that ALL price in ANY free market turns or move away from an Imbalance equation of buyers and sellers ( demand and Supply ).

Don’t be a retail trader!

Be a Bank Trader!

Happy hunting…and have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Day Trading Average Opportunity

  1. Teletrade-DJ says:

    I like your analysis! You have good strategy – concentrate on one pair.

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