EURUSD update

Not much of a follow through, most possible reason are that it was a UK bank holiday, liquidity seems to be thin. The only news that move it from the supply was the ISM data during the NY session, any more news will help propel this pair in a spiral move down towards 1.3750 demand.


I took this snapshot during asian session today. Perhaps today news data will provide some move and let it go towards the opposite level faster.

On the other hand, I got a 2 other pairs an ongoing trade and one which is imminent to get filled.



Most of this trade are set and forget. AUDJPY still uptrend in tact, daily candle shows a pin bar at the bottom demand area. Whilst the Kiwi, I put the pending order base opn a supply on the 30 minute chart.

The large surface area rectangular block is the weekly supply. So as to say, a level within the level. Strong possibility of a reversal soon.

How is everyone’s trade anyway ? If you still have problem you can ask me or you can join us at It is free. All the articles on how to quantify the market is there.

happy hunting..



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