Review Trade

Here are a compilation of my trade for the last 2 weeks. Some were good trades that had stopped out , some went well. So more or less profitable week.

Feel free to ask or comment.

audjpy cadjpy_shame gbpaud gbpnzd sp500 usdjpy usdsgd


What did I learn ?

I learn that We must stay with our planned analysis. Do not be caught into the news move, price ALWAYS turn where Demand and supply are out of balance.

Notice I highlight ‘Always’, defining that not sometimes or at times or whatever that has a doubtful meaning, it means 90% of the time they do turn.

What about the 10% ?

They tend to be out bid or turn in balance by order flow. This does not occur always , only 10% of the time.

What did I do best ?

I stick with my plan. I didn’t bother giving buffer to my SL as I knew that 10% of the time  I will be wrong but 90% I am always right. It turns out the trade that got stopped out, went in favor after that.

What should be changed or improve ?

Nothing. I stay with the same thing all over again by trusting my Demand and supply levels. NO news will ever change that! News is there to create movement or to get it faster towards each level of demand and supply. Nothing more. This goes especially Higher time frame levels such as 4h, Daily and weekly charts.

What’s next on the plan ?

Rest my mindset, to be at positive always and enjoy weekends!


Happy hunting everyone!!






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