EURUSD Spot vs Binary Option

I had some super suck day on my EURUSD trade. Though initial trade for the day had gotten stopped out, but in the end the opportunity was limitless and another opportunity was waiting as I planned them early in the week.

Here was the initial trade got stop out at demand.


I didn’t bother about the buffer stop loss. I know spot market tend to be that way , price tend to over exaggerated.

But later during London session, I had a supply pending sell and was filled .


Now currently there are more room to go for the down side so I might consider closing half at 1: 3 RR and ride the remaining towards my final TP at 1.3771.

During those early stop out, I entered on my Binary option account for a call order. Well that one went well rather than my spot trading. The same did for my sell.


SO overall , another routine day at the trading desk.


happy huning



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