EURUSD Trade Spot & Options

Here is a quick Monday Intraday trade. I utilise Spot fx entry timing and Binary Options using the 30 min chart.

Spot EURUSD demand level made during asia. I also time the entry with my Binary Options.



I had put a pending order buy after looking the profit zones going for the upside is clear for least resistance move. Hence Added the opportunity on my options call order.


Using an expiry of 30 min or more so the price stays above for the current time frame charts to win the trade.


And the Mt4 also gain a nice 1: 3 RR risking 3 pip for 10 pip.


Clearly the underlying concept here does not go anywhere, any free market, instrument, spot, cfds, stocks, Binary options, futures all move due to imbalance equation of price order flow.

Is this not a proof that Demand supply are the most fundamental economics that move price.

So save yourself from purchasing thousands of dollars of indicators, learning from friends who does not trade consistently and win consistently. Don’t go over the same mistake all over again, into the cycle of ‘IT’.

Build your skill set just like an athletes , building their skills in competing for a medal and honor. They really practice a lot. Just like Bruce lee, mastering the art of Jeet Kun Doo, building his skills over the years from youth. Practice. Forex ? Backtest ! It is a simple task , even Jordan Belford from the Wolf of Wall street did do a lot of hard work.

Any job in the world did do a lot of hard work in order to climb the ladder to be the top. IF you cheat, you lose, as simple as that.

Do your due diligence and I guarantee you will be far exceeding unconsciously of your self doing good in trading.


Happy Trading everyone!!



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