FREE fxgroupee membership

I’m sure a lot of people out there is waiting for this day to come. Here is the deal. I am giving out free membership to join the group. In order to be registered and able to access all the supply demand learning articles and videos , here are the steps you need to do.

Steps to Join for FREE

1. Open an account with one of our partners

 2. Once you open and make a deposit.

3. If you haven’t have myfxbook , please register one. If you have one, connect your new account IC market with myfxbook.

4. Once you have done that, you will need to email me at h.warithuaddfxgroupeedotcom

5. Provide me the link of your myfxbook live account.

6. Once confirmed, I will then provide you the credential to login into the membership to access all the demand supply learning articles and videos.

Why with the above steps ?

There are a lot of reason but mostly the reason are beneficial for your own trading performance so we can be more transparent and able to track your trading consistency. It will also provide a Good foundation so you can be assess for any opportunities in a trading career with an institutional firm mainly Fund Management Companies. But if you opt for trading personally as a means for a living, it’s your choice after that.

It is also as a means to fund the website to keep it running so more people would learn and appreciate Demand and supply as a means to trade in any market instrument not just understanding the economics fundamental.

As for the current members, I would appreciate if you all have your myfxbook link to your own trading account to be sent to me so I can have a look at it.

Proceed here to Join



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