New Face Supply and Demand Group

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Finally , a soft launch on the new look of the supply and demand group with a better structured learning. It is at

I know it sounds … nerdy but the material should provide information to learn properly and apply it to the real market. What’s new on the Group website ? For one thing, I have laid out numbered structure on what to learn first.

Examples of charts. Video coming soon, still putting in materials along the way.  Collection of ebooks in the group library. A trading room for chating posting charts and at the same time live webinar once I am presence in the room.

Trading room purpose is we find levels of Demand and supply, quantifying it, odd enhancing it and trade it as a group. Reviewing the trade once completed on Friday closing it for the week.

There will be section of Daily setups in case I am not around for the trading room. Backtesting session where we identify and increase our learning curve skill set in where to buy and sell.

General announcement section for the group on what is going in the membership, programs on webinar, discussion of making the site more lively, and many more.

Overall, I want to achieve a family of supply demand traders that can make a difference in the financial arena either institutional level or retail.

If you are not a member, you still have time to enroll!!

Hope to see you all there!!


Haji Warithu


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