IC market Brokerage

I’m sure you are bored out there looking for the right broker. In fact all brokers are the same. What you are looking at is a brokers chart, but not the real raw price chart like what Kinetick or other price data out there are offering. Hence there is a difference in the futures market price chart and the spot fx price chart.

Of course in the expense of a price monthly charges, the only way you can afford that is if you have a consistent profitable monthly trade income.

What other solution can substitute near raw price ? I got 2 option in fact.

1. FXCM non dealing desk price chart ( almost near to raw )

2. IC market True ECN price chart ( almost near to raw )

Option 1. FXCM

Spread are rather expensive and commision are a bit higher for even an institutional level. Customer service is good and a few slippage often with large orders. But your not into large orders right, so that won’t be a problem. It’s a non dealing desk and is the biggest brokerage in the world so far. With $billions of volume. But if you’re a swing trader, spread isn’t a problem. So it’s rather limited to a certain types of trader. Regulated and has a range of products.

Option 2. IC market Still new But has a very large pool of liquidity providers giving out more access to trader orders ( meaning less slippage , more orders are taken through easily and fast ). A good low commission unlike FXCM ECN. Very low spread which provides an All around type of traders out there.  Regulated by ASIC. Excellent customer service response.

So Overall both are good but the fact that IC market offer an ‘ALL ROUND TYPE of traders ‘ is really a unique concept. In the case like my self which have multiple type of system trading and where my membership group I teach has multiple system, it’s a membership recommended broker.

Not just they are partnered with the Supply Demand group , they can help my fellow traders to avoid costly trading cost  associated with spreads and commissions.

But the final choice is your of course, what price your comfortably analysing.

Good hunting !!

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