Day Trading 2 Pairs

Today classic example of a level formed during London Open on both pairs showing the same quality. Though my first trade for the day was shorting the GBP base on Yesterday NY session level which failed to capitalise.

After that stop out, I let the London session underway for an hour to see any good price action on new fresh levels. Since most of the Banks start their morning day, trading.

Here is both pair I spotted on GBPUSD and EURUSD. At the same time both got filled and both on their way to their respective TP for a short term Day trade.



I put the pending order earlier. I hope  everyone of you manage to spot this ? It was an obvious Demand level , showing us to our very own eye to BUY in spite of whatever happen during or after the news.

Pre Ny , the GBPUSD hit first its TP. That result in a nett profit for that pair today.


Of course you have to be skillful in this arena in quantifying imbalance on the price chart. With a system in place and sound management, Trade like this just happens to be naturally do its own thing. A few traders in the group manage to pull a few strong of winnings on some pairs including exotics. They are also enjoying what they are earning today.

The EUR$ remain resilient so I move my SL to +10 pip in order to lock for the primary target for day.

eurusd_rfWell not long ago the SL got hit.


Just to review my simple goal for the week.


What else can I do now ? Sit back and do other stuff.

happy hunting everyone!!



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