New Group Links and Material

Happy new year all. We are now in January. The start of some new Fresh beginning on some of you and also the start of the same old routine on a few of you. I also began a new fresh beginning on the group.  I am trying to make it a new face lift on the new group page so I can collaborate more and at the same time post fresh new live feed charts and more on better presentation of learning material.

Now I know some of you just join the group, you will be given new direction to the new page soon once it is completed. I am trying to improve the way teaching and guiding traders to be more consistent in their progress of learning , trading and earning.

If you all can just drop a comment of reply so I can add a few ideas to the learning page, group page in order to improve more and help traders on their feet to be more discipline in mindset and , master in their risk management.

All ideas welcome. !!


Haji warithu


2 thoughts on “New Group Links and Material

  1. PHAM says:

    I enjoyed material in learning page. I think we should talk or add more money management issues. I will share more when I get ideas how to improve things such as how to use forextester 2 , how to implement strategy .. Thanks Haji . PHAM

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