Trading Group membership Discount

Good day all and happy holiday.

Since today is my birthday I will be reducing the price up to 70% discount on joining our membership traders. It iwll reduce untill New’s 1 January 2014. After that I will raise it back to the original price $350.

Click here to join. I hope you had a great year of trading . If some of you had a bad year of trading. Make it next year as a new resolution not to repeat the same mistake. Learn to trade properly from real traders. Learn how to practice properly. Learn to master risk management and your psychology.

Let’s start the new year fresh and be positive on any outcome. Instead Learn to overcome what makes you a better trader.

Happy holidays!!


10 thoughts on “Trading Group membership Discount

  1. satchb11 says:

    Hi Warithu,

    I have been following you a while now. You have me sold. I signed up with your discount. Looking forward to trading with your team in the new year. Please let me know what the next steps are.


  2. Erik says:

    Do you trade oil or gold using supply/demand ?

  3. PHAM TUAN SON says:

    Thank you Haji, Wish you a special birthday. You’re trully inspirational to me. .. Just registered to be one of you member . Wish you longevity , good health and all profit with you

  4. claudiuschan says:

    I should have waited.. 😀 anywherez happy bday! haji

    • Haji says:

      Hi claudius. Thank you. Dont worry. Once you fully applied your knowledge, You won’t even bother about the payment you made on taking up the knowledge. The process of your success in consistent profit will pay it back .

  5. Cheah says:

    Hi Warithu,
    I am happy to see a 70% discount of your trading group membership. I make decision to join your membership. Hopefully, I can sign up your membership during this discount offer since I admire your trading performance.

  6. Cheah says:

    Please give me a chance to join your trading group membership before 1 January 2014. I really want to join your membership and get the discount.

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