Day Trading Simply Easy

Time flies pretty quick ending this year 2013. It’s Thursday already, and Next week would be pretty much holiday so no trade at all , probably until January.

Here is another day trade short term income example for today. Most of the system I used are pertained in my latest ebook Demand supply Guide at

It will be updated again next year , for anyone that has purchase it, will receive a free copy update.

EU_15_min_engulfer_supplyI was browsing the 15 min chart and surprisingly on London open, those big boys were selling forming an engulfing. Immediately I went for the smaller time frame 5 min enter and look for any area that may pose an obstacle.

EURUSD_5_minThe first TP will be 1: 2 which will be 1.36637. The remaining will be ride if further bearish will be seen during NY session.

Ny_session_EURUSD   I have Close 70% of my position. A new entry During Pre NY session was revisiting supply. So I had put a pending order that got filled before the News release. Once the news release, this help in achieving my first objectives. Now with the remaining risk free, that I bank in 2 position with 20 lot each, that ‘s  just enough money for day trading income.

Whatever happens to this position, I leave it to the market decide. I was planning to ride the EUro as far down as possible to the nearest demand on Higher Time frame.

And don’t worry too much about the Moving average there, that just a tool for me to trail my SL.

Happy hunting everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Day Trading Simply Easy

  1. Michael says:

    December 19 2013

    Hello Haji,

    I am interested in getting your supply/demand guide. I just would like to know how I would receive it. Is it in a PDF file or can it only be read by a electronic book version. Or does it come in an e-book form that I can download and save.

    Thank you and I am eager to get it.

    Wishing You and Your Family a Wonderful Holiday.

    Michael R Hartmann

    • Haji says:

      Hellow michael.

      It’s in PDF format. After your purchase I sent it to your email.

      Thank you for your interest. It’s the most popular ebook actually. Most people had a grab of it this month.

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