London Session

Good day all

I just want to share one of my trade today on the EURUSD. THough I was a bit distracted today resulting abandoning my plan long on the EURUSD after selling during London open.

eurusd_day_tradeAs you can see, Just after the market open on London times, A noticeable  sellers was executing a sell trade.

Out balancing the small range. So I put up with a pending sell and a buffer SL + 5 ish. The trade went as per price action. Filling the Asian order flow that has not been filled. My original plan was to close at the demand and buy after selling. BUt I got distracted at home so I just stick with selling only.

But instead what I did was closing half my position and ride the remaining with BE + 2 pip.

eurusd_day_trade1The price did close  Asian order flow. And it went up later during London session. Closing the efficient move down.

EURUSD_doneI could hope that earlier trade could shine but it seems the bearish move is waiting for some big events.

USD index and EURUSD are all line up. IT just takes some catalyst to move it.

Happy hunting everyone!

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2 thoughts on “London Session

  1. Michael says:

    Hello Haji,

    I was wondering if you still have the free ebook. Could I possibly have a copy. I started a trading group and we are on Skype every morning (United States time) I am teaching and talking about supply and demand theory. I also have them aware of your great website. It is very informative and I tell them that education and practice is very very important. Lately you have posted some of your supply demand areas in the Euro (I only trade the EUR/USD) and they are exactly what we have done….very exciting. I have been trading for around 3 years and since finding supply/demand I have been more consistently profitable. I only look at the 5 minute chart and confirm areas with a 15 minute chart and a 30 minute chart. I go up if I have to find areas too far back, but I basically trade off a 5 minute chart and am flat by the end of my session which is 7:30 am to 11am EST.

    Again thank you for your blog and information. I wish you a very happy and family filled Holiday.

    Regards Michael

    Michael R Hartmann

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