Monday Trade Review

Could have been a good Monday Start. But I hesitated taking the buy trade after selling it. I shorted the EurUSD earlier to find out that it was nearing a 4h Demand. Once the pair went into the level, I was reluctant not to take the trade. As it went deep inside the level, this lead me to believe the price could drop further. BUT the usd index was not showing any strength with the current showdown in the US government. SO it was pretty limited downside. The 15 min chart did show a Pin bar reversal inside the 4hr demand level. That could have been my cue to close the sell and start buying.

SO What I learn here is TRADE what YOU SEE. Not what you feel. I think my greed is the worst enemy within myself that could paralyse myself from clicking the mouse.



The price is now consolidating. We will see how it will turn out later on today. There is not much of a news this week that could stir volatility.

I started selling this pair even before the Supply demand indicator start showing. I sold it off the bearish engulfing. The grey box is simply the session where I will focus on trading only. Any supply demand formed within those box area , means I will take it as a trade.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Trade Review

  1. conrad linde says:

    lesson all round. I was also short and wanted ( hoped) price would keep dropping. But, it was a perfect zone to go long

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