SD scalping Experiment

I know its been a while since I blogged. Because I was pretty busy with stuff I discover and stuff I do everyday, with my family. BUt here is a statistic for the month of JUNE only, the amount of fund I manage to raise.

It is really impossible to believe such trading ability and skill but it can be done. I had this system develop during my backtesting time and writing up rules so the system can be run up properly and easily to quantify and follow.

Overall, I still stick the same method, Supply and Demand. I will continue utilizing this system for the next 2 months or so to see its reliability. BUt for the Month of August, it I will stop trading since its holiday season.

BUt here is the statistic so far this month. Nearly a 1000% return in a single month with just scalping supply and demand but of course 1 trade was a swing in this statistic. A bit of  a bend. But overall, I did achieve something phenomenal on using the system effectively.



Additionally, with an average trader or person who can achieve this is really difficult because it requires a highly skilled and experience trader to pull it off. You can if you are hard working with due diligence in testing over 10,000 test trade.

But having the ability to be precise in quantifying a  supply and demand level, yes it is achievable. I don’t know whether I am breaking what the world community forex opinion, but I did prove them wrong!

These are real live account I use personally for experimentation, aside from my other personal account. With that the prize is the ability to have an experiment that has paid off!

Good hunting everyone.

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8 thoughts on “SD scalping Experiment

  1. Aszrul s says:

    Hello Haji , is this real statement or just a demo statement ? which broker do you use ? is it still hotforex pamm account ?

    Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2013 08:32:15 +0000 To:

  2. boby says:

    How u can do this? Put please the method. I trade about 1 year Sam Seiden method but i am not profitable. Thank

    • Haji says:

      It just happen that June was a volatility month.

      • Boby says:

        If you trade m5 levels what is TF for big pictures? Did you take only DBR/RBD or DBD/RBR too? For the big picture factor you choose levels using same criteria as for m5? Thank you!

      • Haji says:

        In this case just the hourly and 30 min. DBR or DBD and RBR / RBD still work just find.

  3. Boby says:

    And how much you risk per one trade in percent?

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