The 1.3500 objective achieve

Last week Friday I was making the analysis of the hourly demand which prove to be good. The price did went below the 1.3370 this week and I mention best to buy if it is below the price. Market order or Buy stop above the 1.3370 could have work out well.

Hourly Chart Point and Figure

Hourly Chart Point and Figure

Wont see much on it, but Here is the 30 min chart.

30 min chart point and Figure

30 min chart point and Figure

Earlier this week , there was less activity in the market hence less liquidity. The price just stalled and consolidate. After the Long weekend chinese new year, the market start moving and it rallied off the demand area and with Draghi helping to push the price with his muscle jawbone, the market move towards the supply.

This trade could have challenge every patience and muscle on your finger to wait and and hold. I’m not the type that like to hold a trade longer hence that’s why I prefer short term day trade. I like quick move and finish quick for the day. I tend to be unstable to hold trades longer and hence a lot of self negative and over analysing.

But Hopefully you out there did take this trade because it was a potential 130 pip trade.

So what’s next ?

Still on a watchful eye Supply on the Weekly chart. Here is my daily chart.

Daily Chart levels

Daily Chart levels

Happy Trading everyone


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