The Myth of ‘Trade for a living’

I’m sure everyone heard of this on almost every forum, blogs , educational website, forex website, broker’s website…and so many more. But what does it mean ? Does anyone know How or when to trade for a living ? I’ll tell you from my experience that lead me to trade for a living. Here’s my timeline…

2003 – I discovered Forex through the internet after searching for an offshore investment. This lead me to reading and reading all about forex, how it sounds easy and what the heck pips mean..And so I was the so called young and fresh meat, naive enough to believe that it was the easiest way to get some money ( if YOU KNOW how it works! ). I learn that it was the easiest way to lose your hard earn money in a single click or from an idea you thought it was magical and fortune. That’s what I learn that year.

2004 – continue trading with several ideas I read and traded live after attending FXCM powercourse. Feeling I had enough the knowledge, I traded the market still with my eyes blind folded and dreaming to be the next millionaire. Heck that was the worst time of my life. I had migrain from not enough sleep, and loss thousands of dollars. The wife was giving a beating because of my aimless fortune treasure hunt in the forex market…. I gave up temporarily just to show my wife how I gave up. ( secretly in fact I keep on searching and learning…not as often but at times only ).

2005 – Didn’t do anything but I was on the verge to the height of my career working offshore transporting LNG to Japan to fuel Japanese economies and industry. BUt still I was trying to put the pieces together how I failed forex..yet I read some poeple or a few people were successful.

2006 – Barely read anything on forex , continue on my miserable life leaving my family to work. I recount the months I was staying over a year at home , was totalled 4 months ONLY! The rest of the time was offshore at sea on a ship. Is this the life I want ? Hell no!! I was grateful though about the pay! Thank GOD!! It did give me some capital to trade small or big. But I’m trying to keep it secret from my very wife…

2007 – I was at the peak of my career. Given a job in London Shell HQ within the shipping department for the BRunei project on shipping management. At the same time I rediscover FOREX. here we go again…..but this time it was different. I discover FXstreet where I found Sam Seiden and Rob Booker. I would of go for Sam seiden because of the SUPPLY and DEMAND theory…but because his course was way to expensive as if it was for the rich and famous, I went for mr ROb because it was affordable. And so did I learn wayyy so much!! I learn how to practice using backtesting program Forex tester to analyse your self how you would perform in a real market base on the strategy you learn. At that time sam seiden was just a blip superimpose on Robs extensive system Arizona rules…then this then that… many.

2008 – I try trading GOLD using AZ rules , thinking I was the most skillful trader already after more than a 1000 backtest…I was simply trading anything I could find….This is where I learn about GREED….so nice and exquisite that taste but never had taste the profit at all… I traded gold account from 1K to 13 K in just 8 days!! It was so dangerous and so ego of me…the next 2 weeks….Lost it all untill it was 1K withdrew..

2009 – I was commited to DISCIPLINE trading…oh indeed it was on the first month….but after having winners all the time does has a negative impact on the psychology. That I failed again! This is where I started to learn HOW to DISCIPLINE…. which took a while and dragged on every trading time…..In the end I knew what to do…

2010 – This was the most memorable year….I found that I had cancer. It did affect much of my psychology but it was a gift to change…..I took it positively..I learned High risk system and perfected it to my niche. I traded base on my personality. I was a new man.. a better trader. I learn to appreciate mistake after mistake and learn it positively rather negatively. But overall, I learn to appreciate life…It was a life changing experience.. I was put off from work and had to rely on trading money…

2011– Started Teaching …but it seems I fail to deliver the correct presentation… I guess I was teaching how I live through rather how to avoid such obstacle. BUt I keep on in contact with my students…so one day if they needed help in learning, I’ll be there. It’s also I started to appreciate SAM SEIDEN’s supply demand theory was the way forward. Not indicators nor even some gimmicks. TRUE price action with the life’s most simple and yet was existed many centuries ago… the SUPPLY DEMAND theory and how market actually without their sense of reality that was driven by supply and demand after all. Most of my trade has its ups and down but gradually was increasing my funds.

2012 – The most exponentially increase in my funds after experience of trading and learning mistake and being the most discipline trader. I still make mistakes and trading forex is trading in an uncharted area. Past result is not an indicative future results… this really show it all. But overall I was discipline and manage my trade with a few losses. I was no longer working with my company and I was without realising it, was trading for a living. How I do it ?…lets move on to the present world….


How do I maintain to trade for a living  ? Simple… manage your life below your means. This means less expenses on unnecessary things.. and avoid living like the rich and famous. why ?…

1. You get to have all the remaining money to refund your account in case you blew it ( not that I mean you occasionally blew but what if )

2. You get to have a lot of savings to live off  just with that trading money and for any unforseen circumstances..

3. you get to have all those money to invest on other things, like real estate, or start a business or put it aside for your children’s future…

4. You learn to save money rather spending it…


You actually don’t need all those money… You only spend it wisely and what is required. The advantages are

1. You get to spend during the school holiday to travel with the kids or family anywhere in the world..

2. You live without to pay off any mortgages or credit card bills or even your loan..because you can afford to pay them all ..

3. You can spend it for family outgoings once in a while…or often during weekends.

4. You get to have large capitals and when you trade, you don’t bother about losing your trading money since you have so many backup  funds in your bank account. ( hence trade money you can lose rather you can’t lose ). This brings so much positive into your psychology trading.

5. You only trade small pips with large gains ( which was achievable and probably the smart way to earn and trade for a living ).

SO I hope that does not bring your mentality to a stop or let your dream fall because its reality. That’s the truth behind trading for a living.. That is how I did it… That’s what it means to trade for a living. You trade less and gain more time with your family.

SO don’t believe much of the myth living the moment like a king…. in fact you live just simple and the end you have all the funds to do what ever you want it to become. But still, the most important part is that you do it as a family, spend it with them and you have all the time in the world to do it…do what is right for you…and your family but not according to what you feel . After all, trading is another Job, just don’t spend too much on it rather spend it more on your core self family value.



HappyWeekends everyone!!






5 thoughts on “The Myth of ‘Trade for a living’

  1. James Powell says:

    This is me to the tee as the saying goes. I don’t trade Forex or anything that requires margin but your experience and mine so far to where I am at is virtually identical. I work so hard and am always broke. I try so hard but seem never to get ahead. I yelled at my wife last week and really hurt her feelings because I am always working and trying to be good husband and dad and in the moments between life trying to figure out how to consistently trade well. I sleep little and tired and ragged. I know of Sam but can’t afford him either. I can spot trades but at work it is difficult.

    Just thanks for sharing your experience. I appreciate reading it.


    • Haji says:

      your welcome. Working hard must have a way of doing things. Trying something that has no proper foundation does lead to failure. I had rob booker taught me how to practice and backtest on any system I read or found. I have sam seiden that showed me how to properly understood the market and implement it into a trading system. With that combination, I produce a system that suits me and personality. Backtest it to show how consistent it can be. And then journal it and log in in real time when trading live so I can learn from my own trading what I did best or what to improve and what I learn from it. Learn to appreciate and accept things sometimes does not turn out to be what we expect. The more you accept your own personal flaws and improve it the more you become positive about it and instead be thankful the mistake you make. It actually teaches you to be better , not the way round.

  2. Sow says:

    Awesome. Amazing post Haji. Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing. I too am much similar to you in the game. Thankfully we both found Sam seiden and his training is exceptional. I hope to trade for a living also and the great thing is when I read your blog post it just seems POSSIBLE and that glitter of hope is what is helping me fight another day! Thank u greatly!

  3. Adam Ziolo says:

    Hi Haji,
    Very inspirational story. Thanks for sharing. I recognize so many of your moments in my trading. I am trading now for 3 years, price action only. Thanks again.

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