Friday Show Down!!

I don’t know what to call it’s a big day or not today but I am getting ready to catch any big move if the breakout ever happen today. This will be the showdown for EURUSD that has been ranging this week.

LTRO news will be out, and I want to see that price fall from that supply first towards the demand for firework display entry.

Demand at 1.3328 Hourly chart Point and Figure

Demand at 1.3328 Hourly chart Point and Figure

This will be the plan

BUY Limit   1.3328

SL  1.3306

TP  1.3435

The Demand location is within a demand on the Daily chart, that increases the odds and probability of the plan.

I will update this trade on a separate Post… stay tune !


Happy Trading everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Show Down!!

  1. Conrad says:

    Thanks for posting and sharing and inspiring. Inspiring with the discipline of approach and demonstration of step by step breakdown of analysis and application.

    Don’t have point ‘n figure so makes following that side of things difficult.
    I wanted to see what your level looked like on a normal time chart but wasn’t clear why you would choose there?

    This is what I got:

    Maybe you could comment and explain whether that level makes sense from a normal time-chart point of view as well

    Kind Regards

    • Haji says:

      The fact that your demand zone is really a demand zone . I Would pick the 1.3370 in fact because thats the fresh one. I also have it on my PnF charts

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