20 pip show

Probably not I entirely the thing I am fond of doing on today’s trade. The reason was that my internet connection got really pissed and keep on disconnected from time to time. I didn’t produce a Pending order because the criteria of the trade was a less than 7 and it is entirely base on the point and figure bottom price of a strong rally.

Considering it as the point of origin, I manage to pull it off when the price drops massively at 100 pips. But from  my though that I would rather buy the EURO at 1.3280 since its where the buy order was clustered.

And so it did.

Market order Long at 1.32809

Market order Long at 1.32809

AS soon as it was filled, the price bounce off sharply. Again at this stage, the price rally significantly but due to my technical circumstances, I exit the trade at 1.3301 because I was worried my internet connection disconnected.

so I end up 20 pip which could have been a 60 pip. The 1.3340 was my prefer target in fact.

Why I buy at 1.3280, It was reported that the BUY orders was clustered within that confine price. Meaning there is a Demand.

The Trade close at 1.3301 for a 20 pip + $ 6000 profit

The Trade close at 1.3301 for a 20 pip + $ 6000 profit

What did I d o best ?

Exit early due to technical problems on my end , because the internet was taking a piss here!

What should improve or change ?

A New ISP or someone qualified on how to set up a proper Internet.

What’s next ?

awaiting for the EURO range to breakout.

Real Live Statement

Real Live Statement



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2 thoughts on “20 pip show

  1. Sow says:

    My day was tragic. I lost 10% of my account over three consecutive trades due to me setting pending orders over three correlated pairs (i was supposed to only enter one then close others and got distracted) and they all got filled and died. Didn’t follow my trading plan. Never again!

    • Haji says:

      It is best to focus only one pair and be good at it or should say an expert on it by mastering its common behavior. I only trade 1 pair and I focus primarily on EURUSD. I only trade GOld or other pairs IF there is an opportunity exist during proper analysing and planning. Trade what you see not what you feel.

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