Monday’s Earn gone!

That’s how most likely market get its Money back. My stoploss hit twice today. One was could have been a nice trade earlier but I was too close with the SL and the the 2nd Trade simply sellers outmatching buyers. It could get lower to a big swing demand.

Initial trade that could have worked out

Initial trade that could have worked out

The stoploss was too tight or too early. I guess I was confident of the buyer’s report being sitting at the price level I planned. Then after that loss , I re examine the chart again for any possible fresh demand. It was later pre European session that the area almost hit but missed by 1 pip. BUt I kept it on hold on the pending orders, in fact giving sellers the opportunities to fill up their order since I guess there is not much buyers left at the price level.

Stopped out another -14 pip.

Stopped out another -14 pip.

Simply yesterday trade was given back to those crying sellers today. With 2 consecutive loss, means its time to stop and wait for a better price to buy this so called up trend.

What did I learned ?

Being charitable to the sellers…. 🙂  no, not really I’m giving them happy time so they can make a mistake! No, really, simply there is nothing much but just a loss. We will get something out of tomorrow may be or tonite if there is any fresh strong demand.

What did I do best ?

I stop trading after 2 consecutive loss and be positive about it rather negative. sometimes a loss is a learning lesson for us. BE mindful about it rather complaining it. Learn and review it.

What should improve or change ?

Nothing really but just continue my own routine.

What’s next ?




One thought on “Monday’s Earn gone!

  1. Sow says:

    Great to see your enforcing discipline.

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